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Sherwin-Williams Naval Blue

Each year, several of the big color firms and paint companies announce their Color of The Year. My personal favorite for 2020 is Naval Blue by Sherwin-Williams.

As described on their website, it is “a rich navy that creates a calm and grounding environment infused with quiet confidence.”

I especially like when they said, “Navy is coming out of its comfort zone with you. 2020 is an empowering year of change that focuses on bringing your best self into the new decade. The next 10 years pave the way for wellness of the mind, body and soul – a clean palette for self-nurturance”.


Whatever your psychological reasons are for being inspired by the color blue, this hue is gorgeous for interiors and can be applied prominently on walls or cabinetry or as accents in smaller doses with furniture and decor.

Paired with neutral or gold tones, or contrasted with pops of orange, it can instantly add personality into any room.

Need some inspiration and want a designer's touch for your next interior project this year? Give us a call or shoot an e-mail and let's work together to make it happen!

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