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Pillow Drive for LA Homeless

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

This fall, we were excited to work with Teach 1 Reach 1 Foundation and several other organizations to distribute over 700 new pillows to homeless communities across Los Angeles including Skid Row, Leimert Park, Hollywood, Santa Monica and Venice.

According to the LAHSA, there are currently 66,436 people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles County. It was our goal to touch 1000 of these individuals with new pillows, a basic item that most of us take for granted but many of them do not have.

We facilitated the purchase of new pillows and pillowcases in addition to having each of them printed with one of five inspirational quotes to serve as soft reminders of hope, faith and self-love.

It's not a solution to the current homeless crisis, however it was fulfilling to be able to contribute to a cause that cares about those without the basic resources for a good sleep.

Watch the clip below:

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