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Is Your Space Healthy?

As an interior designer, it is my job to not only create spaces that look beautiful but to ultimately enhance the quality of the client's interior environment, whether it's a home or workspace, or both. Living in a big city like Los Angeles, we often have to find ways to maintain peace in our daily lives. And while we can't control the insane amount of traffic, we do have the authority to make our surroundings inherently feel good.

Often used in interior design, feng shui is a Chinese philosophy that uses energy (chi) forces to bring harmony into one's environment. From an interior's natural surroundings to its furnishings and decor, feng shui practitioners believe that all objects have energy and how we arrange them can affect all aspects of our lives.

Heavily influenced by elements of nature, its principles and methods are meant to establish balance and maximize the flow of energy within a space. Whether you believe in the power of feng shui or not, there is something to be said about its effect on one's sense of peace and quality of life.

I'm no feng shui expert (that's a lot to learn!), but I do implement and suggest up some of the following practices as a foundation for a healthy space:

  • Clear Clutter // clutter is stuck energy and typically a sign of a cluttered mind and in some cases, unmanaged finances. Good energy can't thrive in cluttered environments.

  • Open Blinds and Windows // let in natural sunlight and fresh air daily to improve indoor air quality and rid any stale odors.

  • Burn Scented Candles // Ross and TJ Maxx are two of my favorite go-to places for finds often less than $10 . The Black Home and Votivo are good options if you prefer to splurge.

  • Buy Plants and Fresh Flowers // bring nature and life energy into your space. Many get discouraged at the thought of caring for plants thinking they will get neglected but when you purchase one with the intention of connecting with your environment, using that 5 minutes to take care of it will actually improve your relationship with any room. It's just calming too.

  • Take Trash Out Daily // in following the feng shui principle that everything is energy, trash is not something that we want lingering in our spaces. It's best to first minimize the amount of trash we produce, but it's otherwise best to take it out as often as possible.

  • Fix Any Leaks // the symbol of water represents money and leaking faucets loosely translate to financial loss. Figuratively, it may be questionable depending on your beliefs, but figuratively, the high utility bill might be more of a reality check to fix those leaks!

  • Keep Toilet Seats Down // this blog post says its a myth that they need to stay down, but I personally just don't think it's appealing to keep it up. Other sources believe that by leaving the toilet seat up – depending on what sector of your home it’s in – ex. love, career etc. – you will flush away any benefits you may have had.

  • Offer Thanks to your Space // connecting with an attitude of gratitude can greatly improve your relationship with your home or office and how you connect with it - not only physically, but emotionally as well. Expressing thanks provides a warm feeling and reciprocal vibe from your space where all energies can ultimately thrive!

Here's a cute video to get you inspired to "feng shui" your bedroom:

I'm looking forward to making fun vids like these, but with a proper twist of course! Stay tuned.

In the meantime, wishing you inspired living! xoxo

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