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First Things First..

The New Year is upon us and so is my first post. I don't intend to make these long and boring, I want to make them fun and resourceful for you. It is my goal for Interiors, Proper to be a go-to source for your interior design inspiration and decor needs. Here you'll find practical information and ideas that you can use to upkeep and/or enhance your home or office space. We will get those decorative juices flowing with features and discussion of what embodies a great space.

To jump right into it, a rule of thumb that I always start with is that everything in a given space should feel like it belongs. When expressed successfully, it effortlessly produces good vibes that everyone who enters can feel, remember and enjoy. Whether a small studio or a large family home, the basics of organization remain the same and serve a universal purpose in achieving order, flow, and harmony.

Now here's where I should be suggesting what products to buy to help you get organized. Cute baskets and shelves and cabinets and bins, right?


Before spending a dime, take a visual inventory of your space and edit out what needs to go. If it's trash, get some bags. If it's furniture that is dated, donate it! If there is no place for it physically or mentally, now is the time to let it go. Now everyone has diverse personalities and differing ways of how they use their space and what makes them feel at home. Some of you entertain often, others may not at all. You might work and live in the same space, while others have little ones to consider.with all of the above.

Whatever your particular lifestyle is and what you want to achieve with your space, it all starts with getting organized. Before the start of any project or consideration of a new purchase, be mindful of what may currently be leaving you or your guests uninspired. Get rid of the clutter. When we address this first, we begin to make room for new ideas and a fresh flow of energy.

Consider our redesign services to refresh your space with a designer's touch or bookmark the blog for more tips and inspiration to come.

If you're in the greater Los Angeles or Long Beach area, we can come out and do a consultation. Anywhere else, we can get on Facetime or WhatsApp video call.

It's 2020. Thriving spaces are necessary and we're here to help.



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