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A Few Myths About Interior Design

Let me break it down for you.

// I need to own a home to hire an interior designer. //

According to Curbed LA, more than 64% of households in Los Angeles county rent their homes. Whether one owns their home vs. rents or is a long-term vs. short-term renter, the desire and benefits of having a well-designed space transcend any of these circumstances. An interior designer can be hired for a variety of projects from a transitional redesign of a single room (e.g. pre-teen to teen, empty nest, office space) to major upgrades of an entire home or space. My commitment to producing an amazing 200 sq ft project is no different from one that is 5000 sq ft.

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// Interior design and interior decorating are the same. //

Interior design involves space planning, conceptual analysis, the ability to read construction documents, understanding of building codes and inspection regulations among other psychological factors we have to consider when creating a great space. Alongside the more complicated elements, decorating is indeed a part of the process, but ultimately not exclusive and should not be considered the same.

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// Interior design is for women. //

Because the word "decorate" resonates most often with women and is also associated with design (as mentioned in ex. 2), it makes sense that most men would think interior design services would be catered to women. While the majority of design and decor enthusiasts are in fact women, the services offered by interior designers are universal and can benefit any person or groups of persons occupying any given space. Men are not excluded from the opportunity to have an environment designed to complement their needs and aesthetic preferences.

[Photo via IG @marcelocecilliodesigner]

// I can do it myself. //

This is a big misconception. While you may actually have a great idea of what you want and how to get it, there are significant design principles that we designers implement that one will not typically achieve on their own. Furthermore, unless you've spent the necessary time to research resources and techniques, your DIY project may end up costing double of what you’ve spent by hiring a designer in the first place. Not only do we look for ways to save you money on your interior design project, but we also carry out ways to save time.

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Still have questions on whether you should hire an interior designer for your next project? Send us an e-mail and let's talk about it.

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